How to Market Cartoons As an Artist

Cartoon artwork is an enjoyable and rewarding way to express yourself through pictures. With just one download, you could take your own dog wherever you go. As a social media profile picture or wallpaper, use your favorite cartoon as your desktop wallpaper or as your default social media avatar. You could even print, frame, or use your favorite cartoon as a template for handmade embroidery, scrap-booking and baking.

Let your creative juices flow when sharing your hobby with friends and family with cartoon artwork. Why not start a blog with some of your best pictures and post a link to your social media profiles? Or better yet, create a t-shirt that sports your favorite www.theadvertorial.com characters on it. To save money, consider printing your own design or taking some free photos and turning them into a collage. Then show off the results by posting it on a website or blog.

Many cartoonists enjoy having their work printed on tee shirts, coffee mugs, posters, notebooks and other merchandise. To make a customized gift, consider having your cartoon artwork printed on products such as mouse pads, pens, key chains and refrigerator magnets. Some co-founders even sell t-shirts, coffee mugs and other merchandise with their own cartoon artwork.

If you’re not already using social media sites to connect with your friends and fans, why not start using them to share your comics with your online community? One easy way to encourage fans to comment on your blog post is to include a link to your comics in your status update. For instance, if you posted a comic about the latest Spiderman movie, include a link to that site or a movie review site. Or, if you shared a funny clip from an episode of Spongebob, include that link. Your friends and followers will be sure to check out your updates, and they will also be sure to share your link with others on the Internet.

In addition to using social media to increase your fan base, you should also add other ways to add credibility to your artwork. If you post original creative arts on your blog, create unique t-shirt designs for your fans and collectors, or print limited edition prints for them. Your artwork should speak to your readers, instill confidence in them and make them want to connect with you on a personal level. If you are a skilled illustrator and have created your own original art, you may consider selling it through an online gallery. While online galleries offer a number of options to display your artwork, you will still need to include proof graphics and licensing information to ensure your works are legal to sell.

While many people would like to think that the business side of owning a business does not relate to their creative arts, the two are definitely connected. You need to have a blog or website in place to successfully promote yourself as a creator of original dog breed cartoon artwork. If you are posting original drawings and sketches, then you are creating an incredible opportunity for your fans and collectors to show off their art to others. For each drawing or sketch, you should include the owner’s name and website address. The more information you provide, the better for your online reputation.

Another way to build up your online reputation is to submit original cartoons to a wide variety of online directories. Sites like Deviant Art, Illustrators Choice, Auphoria, and Kite Tree are just a few of the places you could submit your work. Sites like Deviant Art allow you to post your original sketches and paintings as well as discuss the process behind the creation of your artwork. By participating in these online communities, you build up a sense of credibility and you will gain fans who may even ask you to draw their favorite cartoon characters.

Finally, one of the best ways to get recognized as an artist who creates original cartoons is to make a blog post or guest post on a community website related to your work. For example, if you are an illustrator, you could create a guest post on a popular illustrators site like Auphoria or Deviant Art. By making a post on a social media platform like Twitter or Facebook, you can share links to your original cartoons with other fans and followers. These posts, along with your online portfolio, will give your customers the confidence to purchase original animations from you.